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Live Event
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An evening with Gertie and the gals:
AKA I think I can-can
Stopping by the country's oldest casino, I had a chance to talk with the star of Diamond Tooth Gerties. She met me in her dressing room a few minutes before the show and chatted about her love of the character. Turns out, everyone I have met in Yukon has a connection to Winnipeg, where I am originally from.
After our quick chat I went into the audience and got ready for the show to begin. Little did I know I would soon be part of the entertainment.
As Gertie and the gals make their way through a series of songs and dances, I am pulled up by one of the ladies and told I was going to learn a dance. Little did they know I had many years of musical theatre experience so dancing wasn't a problem. And shaking my butt in public? Piece of cake.
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