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Love is in the air... literally
Hearing all about The Dome, I wasn't sure what to expect as our car continued climbing on a winding road. Once at the top, I was stunned by the beauty of Dawson as I overlooked trees and water and rock formations. Just as I grabbed the microphone and prepared to tape a live segment, there was "oh my gods" and lots of commotion coming from one side of the hill. Turns out it was two guys proposing to their girlfriends.
Naturally the reporter in me wanted to capture every moment (and of course, ruin the intimacy of it all) but it was something their entire families were in on so I decided to scrap talking about the Dome and focused on the lovebirds. Plus, they had a bottle of champagne and I was thirsty.
Though our team didn't get the last names of the individuals -- all of whom live in Whitehorse -- we are going to be reaching out and trying to get updates from the couples as their wedding days approach. Maybe we can arrange a special wedding for them on our shows. Who knows!
JB chats with the happy couples
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