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Live Event
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Top of The Charts and The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley broadcast live from Yukon, Canada
What a (gold) rush!
JB goes gold panning -- CLICK HERE
JB learns how to cook a steak
I think I can-can
A tour of Yukon's famous brewing facility
He's known as Caveman Bill and he's the talk of Dawson.JB tracks down the local celeb and hears about his unique home
Meet Dawson's real-life caveman
Rollin' on the river
Congratulations to Jeremy Bradley, twice named outstanding talk media webcaster by TALKERS magazine!
Love is in the air... literally
Something's brewing
A beautiful sunset dinner cruise in Dawson
Jeremy Bradley recaps the latest celeb news and gossip on Entertainment Wrap Up
JB was in for a shocker while on stage at the nightly can-can show
In Yukon, Discovery Days recognizes how important gold is to the Canadian territory
Two surprise marriage proposals happen at the Dome
JB chats with the couples moments after the grooms-to-be pop the question
What a ruff job
Things get loud with 120 sled dogs but when they all howl it is an incredible sound
A spectacular view of Yukon's glaciers in Kluane National Park